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Recalled Peanut Butter Served At Local Schools

Parents here in the valley are concerned after learning recalled peanut butter was served at some local schools. Desert Sands Unified School District received several boxes of potentially tainted peanut butter and students ate some of it.

“It’s scary. It’s scary,” says concerned parent Tiara Ortiz.

Tiara Ortiz’s three children go to school in Desert Sands Unified School District, and they all eat school lunch every day, but maybe not for long.

“I’m thinking about packing their lunches so I know what is going inside of them,” says Ortiz.

Once DSUSD heard about the recall, they immediatly took action, putting all peanut butter products on hold.

“As soon as a recall comes,westop it, don’t let it go out just in case it expands cause you never know,” says Cindy Frazer, DSUSD Director of Nutrition.

Originally, the ISDA told DSUSD all of their products were safe. As the recall grew, it turned out the district had 43 cases of potentially tainted peanut butter and 10 of those cases were already served.

“We are pretty sure it was safe when it went out,” says Frazer.

No one got sick. Still, the district isn’t taking any chances. The remaining 33 boxes of recalled peanut butter are sitting in the warehouse.

“These cases may not have salmonella poisoning, butit’s just a secure measure,” says Frazer.

The schools pulled peanut butter cookies, bars, and sandwiches off the menu until the district is sure it’s safe.

“I feel comfortable that everything is being done to keep my children healthy,” says Lynn Dekock, parent of two school-aged children.

While parents say they trust the district, they feel this recall is one too many.

“What’s next?” asks Ortiz. “It makes you want to get your own farm and grow your own food.”

Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Unified School Districts say they did not receive any of the recalled product.

See a list of schools and agencies that received the peanut shipments:

For more information on what products are being recalled visit:

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