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UC Riverside Scientists Await President’s Stem Cell Decision

Local scientists are waiting for President Obama to give them the green light and expand stem cell research. UC Riverside scientists hope to use their new research to cure diseases.

Doctor Prue Talbot and graduate student Sabrina Lin walk into their UC Riverside lab. Walking into clean rooms, suiting up for a days work here is a little different than most places. Inside these labs are human and animal embryonic stem cells. The future of medical science.

“You can use these cells to possible cure diseases and even regenerate organs that will be available to patients,” said Lin.

They’re waiting for President Obama to make good on a campaign promise and allow federal support of stem cell research.

“It’s like a Christmas present to have this happen,” explains Dr. Talbot. “This will open up a tremendous infrastructure of labs to us that was not available up until Obama makes this change.”

This science was severely limited by a decision President Bush made in 2001.

Lin explained, “The minute they hear that I’m using embryonic stem cells, they jump to the conclusion that I’m cloning humans.”

But it’s a new day in Riverside. The scientists wondering if the stem cells they’re seeing through the microscope will one day lead to a cure for disease.

“It’s a great time to be in this field,” remarked Dr. Talbot. “I’ve worked in the life sciences for a number of years. I don’t even think I’ve worked in an area that was this exciting, that had the potential that stem cells have to do so much for bio medical research.”

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