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Talking To Kids About Swine Flu

Schools are closed, people are sick and others are trying to stay healthy. The swine flu is on many people’s minds, including children.

“She’s a bit of a hypochondriac anyway,” says local parent Teresa White. “If anything is going around, she thinks she is going to get it.”

Parents can calm these fears by talking with their children about it and giving them the facts, putting this flu in perspective.

“We have the common flu every year, and people die from that,” says Roy Hill, Palm Springs Unified School District’s Manager of Emergency Preparedness.

“It’s important for parents to talk about any issue and bring out concerns,” says another parent Sarah Tweet.

Experts say children need to know they’re safe and a team of professionals are looking out for their health.

“The Health Department and the school departments are working together to make sure everyone is safe,” says Hill.

Children usually follow their parent’s lead. If you panic, so will they.

“We are not concerned, so they are not concerned about it,” says parent Ben Tweet.

Experts say if your child is healthy, they should go about their daily routine as normal. Allow them to hang out with friends or go to the park. Keeping them indoors, away from others may cause fear and concern.

“They shouldn’t worry, they are going to be safe,” says Hill.

Parents can use this outbreak as learning lesson, reminding children what they can do to stay healthy. Instead of fearing the flu, wash the worries away.

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