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GOOD NEWS: Fitness Program To Beat Stress

“Inhale when the arms are in! Exhale on the press!” yells Cathy Serif at a group of two dozen adults.

She wants to change people’s lives through fitness, especially at a point when tough times are beating some people down.

“It’s not always about fitting into your skinny jeans. Sometimes, you just need to feel better,” she says.

Serif leads the Balanced Training Boot Camp. It is a one-hour class that is offered five times a week outdoors.

Her students say they are getting better at dealing with stress — thanks to her class.

“The one hour I don’t have to think about family, kids, husband or work,” says Lisa Sable, who has been taking Serif’s classes for three months. “This is for me. No one can interrupt it.”

Jason Whitley, who has lost 9% of body fat since enrolling, agrees: “It lets you burn any extra stress you have on your body. It lets you burn that up! Lets you eat that up!”

The regimen may look tough but Serif assures that you can put as much effort into it as you want, as long as you’re serious and breaking a sweat.

Serif is very serious about helping families that she created a fitness program known as Inspire the Valley to Fitness.

Serif will be holding six Saturday morning classes during the summer for free.

She says these classes are not hardcore. They are toned down so that families can do it together. For instance, there is a class for moms and daughters only — and for dads and sons.

The free classes will be held at Freedom Park in Palm Desert starting May 9. Here is the following schedule:

May 9: Fitness Boot Camp (Co-Ed Adults) May 23: Mother & Daughter Boot Camp June 13: Sunrise Yoga (Co-Ed Adults) June 27: Father & Son Boot Camp July 11: Foot Loose & Running Free July 18: Fitness Boot Camp (Co-Ed Adults)

For more information about Inspire the Valley to Fitness, go towww.btbc.tvor

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