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Elderly Palm Springs man says Frontier Communications owes him money

79-year-old Dennis Klocek has a gripe against Frontier Communications, a company he once used for phone service, internet and cable TV.

“These people can’t get away with this,” said Klockek.

He says Frontier owes him money.

“What’s going on? How many other people are getting screwed like this? I don’t like this and I am going to get to the bottom of it,” said Klocek.

Last January, Klocek decided to cancel his service with Frontier, and closed his account, which at the time, had a credit of $127.62.

To get his refund, Klocek was told he would receive a pre-paid debit card, with what he was owed on the card.

Klocek said the the card issuer and Frontier told him the debit card was mailed to his home address. But, he says it never showed up in his mailbox.

Upset about not receiving the card, Klocek said he called Frontier customer service and requested another debit card be issued.

But the represenative denied that request, telling him most of the debit card first issued had been spent, with account activity showing purchases taking place in Cathedral City, at a couple of fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

I asked the grandfather if its possible that someone stole the debit card out of his mailbox, and he rules that out, saying his box has never been tampered with.

He believes the card was not sent to him in the first place.

“I feel empty. I feel like i can’t trust anybody in big business, meaning ‘AKA’ Frontier,” said Klocek.

The jazz drummmer says he’s also upset that Frontier chose to refund him using a debit card, which he says he “did not authorize”, and he is mad the company’s customer service rep would not allow him to speak to a manager, when he tried to resolve his issue over the phone.

He is not alone in having a beef with the telecommunications giant.

More than 9,400 customers have posted complaints online with the Better Business Bureau, and the BBB gives the company a “rating of F”.

“All I wanted in the beginning, January of this year, was to have my $127.62 returned to me,” said Klocek.

We contacted Frontier Communications to ask if they would isssue a new refund to Klocek, using a method of payment acceptable to him.

In an email response, Frontier represenative Javier Mendoza wrote, in part, “We empathize with our former customer and are actively helping him work with the card issuer to implement a fraud investigation, resolve the matter and receive the refund.”

Klocek says its “not about the money, its the principle”, and says he wants to warn others about Frontier.

“I hope that Frontier desn’t take advantage of other seniors,” said Klocek.

We’ll continue to keep tabs on Klocek and his efforts to receive his refund, and we’ll let you know if and when that happens.

KESQ News Team


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