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5th Annual Run with El Muertos 5K, runners remember loved ones

Hundreds of people are in the Coachella Valley for the 5th annual Run with Los Muertos 5K.

The event is Dia de Los Muertos inspired and encourages people to race in honor of a passed loved ones while focusing on ones health and well being.

For many, it’s more than just a race. Luis Pavalon ran in honor of his uncle.

“My uncle died when he was 5 or 6 from leukemia, so I felt more honored because it was on my mom’s side. Every year we do Relay for Life, but this time it felt more memorable because its for Dia de Los Muertos and it’s to pay honor and tribute to him,” Pavalon said.

People enjoyed live music, food and art work. Victoria Higuera went to the event with family.

“It’s really nice to be out here because there’s many activities and I just love to be with my family,” Higuera said.

Coachalla Mayor Steven Hernandez says the event promotes health and culture.

“We’re going to get healthy were going to go out and support our families and represent our families our friends and our community,” Hernandez said.

David Aguilar built a Dia de Los Muertos alter for his family.

“It just represents life after death. It’s sad at the moment but we celebrate out past loved ones. We try not to be sad and we try to celebrate them and who they were,” Aguilar said.

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