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Local students honor Cesar Chavez in Coachella

Students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School celebrated their namesake ahead of his birthday this weekend.

” Si se puede , Si se puede . ”

These students in Coachella are wearing red chanting as they marched with headbands and flags honoring the labor union, United Farm Workers.

The chants echo the work put in by labor activist Cesar Chavez, and kids at the elementary school named after him are learning all about his fight for migrant farmers, especially in the Coachella Valley.

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” He has given us this wonderful phrase…. Yes we Can! Si se puede , which can be used in so many aspects in our lives. So, we want them to understand this something they can take with them, not only in the learning environment but also in their personal sense, ” Principal Dora Juarez at Caesar Chavez Elementary School, said.

About 900 students marched around the block, holding up their signs as they pass by the memorial honoring Chavez. This has been done since the school was dedicated more than 25 years ago, the only school in the country Chavez personally was present for. Students say he’s an inspiration.

“He’s, for me, a superhero,” said on second grader.

One of those that marched is Hilario Torres. Who worked with Chavez as a member of the united farm workers. He says the passion of the students is something he appreciates and wants Chavez’s work in civil and labor rights to gain wider recognition.

“It’s really important that not only do farm workers celebrate the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez, but the whole community,” he said through a Spanish translator.

A community that’s seeing its students keeping the memories of Chavez alive.

KESQ News Team


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