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Local leaders speak out against hate crimes

Religious and political leaders from all walks of faith gathered at Temple Isaiah in Palm Springs to send a message to “Stop Hate” and acts of violence stemming from anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia.

“Minorities such as the Jewish community, and the African American community and the LGBT communities are suffering,” said Robert Weinstein, Vice President of Temple Isaiah.

Several speakers, including Palm Springs’ Mayor Robert Moon, talked about personal experiences with discrimination and other hate crimes.

“We must all, whether parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, community leaders, we must all ensure that children in our community are taught by our personal example to embrace equality, love, respect, dignity and inclusion for all,” said Mayor Moon.

Some of the speakers say they use their platforms to spread peace.

“We all have our circles and making sure we’re always speaking out when anyone is faced with discrimination,” Mayor Protem Geoff Kors said.

Weinstein says, according to recent reports, there are 70,000 hate crimes per year with only 10 percent reported. Weinstein hopes the congregation’s work influences others.

“The purpose of this is so we can establish for the rest of the country protocol to have different temples, churches and mosques unite and teach their congregations and instruct their congregations that hate crimes are unacceptable,” Weinstein said.

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