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Thanks to new bill, Californians may soon be allowed to eat their roadkill

California is the latest state to allow people to take home and eat animals they accidentally hit on the road, including deer, elk, pronghorn antelopes and wild pigs.

Senate Bill 395 was among a handful of other bills Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law last week.

The bill, brought forth by Sen. Bob Archuleta, authorizes the state’s Fish and Game Commission to develop a pilot program which, through the help of an online portal, would issue free permits to anyone who wants to take the animal they killed on the road home to eat.

To get permits, residents would have to record in the portal “the location, type, and description of the animal salvaged, the date and time of salvage, the basic characteristics of the incident and a description of the vehicle involved… and the destination where the carcass will be transported,” the legislation says.

More than 20,000 deer are hit on California roadways each year, the bill says.

“This potentially translates into hundreds of thousands of pounds of healthy meat that could be used to feed those in need.”

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