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Gov. Newsom provides pandemic update at noon

Coronavirus Update

Governor Gavin Newsom is delivering an update at noon on the state of California's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

You can watch it live on News Channel 3 and in the player below:

Last Friday, Newsom launched what he calls a "Blueprint for a Safer Economy."

What's open? What's closed? CHECK HERE.

By the measurements of the new standard, Riverside County remains in what's being called 'widespread' and color marked in purple.

“This Blueprint is statewide, stringent and slow,” said Governor Newsom in a release when it was announced. “We have made notable progress over recent weeks, but the disease is still too widespread across the state. COVID-19 will be with us for a long time and we all need to adapt. We need to live differently. And we need to minimize exposure for our health, for our families and for our communities.”

According to the Governor's office:

The Blueprint builds on lessons learned from the first six months of the disease – and the new scientific understanding that has been collected – to create a new system for regulating movement and COVID-19 transmissions. It includes:

  1. At least 21 days to expand activities beyond the initial tier to ensure California better limits the spread of the virus;
  2. Mandatory metrics – case rates and test positivity – to measure how widespread COVID-19 is in each county and guide what is allowed;
  3. A uniform state framework, with four categories instead of 58 different sets of rules;
  4. A more nuanced way of allowing activity: Instead of open vs. closed, sectors can be partially opened and progressively add to their operations as disease transmission decreases; and
  5. A new process for tightening back up again quickly when conditions worsen.

This week, Governor Newsom continued protections from eviction and foreclosure. The statewide legislation will "protect millions of tenants from eviction and property owners from foreclosure due to the economic impacts of COVID-19," according to a release from the Governor's office.

“COVID-19 has impacted everyone in California – but some bear much more of the burden than others, especially tenants struggling to stitch together the monthly rent, and they deserve protection from eviction,” said Governor Newsom. “This new law protects tenants from eviction for non-payment of rent and helps keep homeowners out of foreclosure as a result of economic hardship caused by this terrible pandemic. California is stepping up to protect those most at-risk because of COVID-related nonpayment, but it’s just a bridge to a more permanent solution once the federal government finally recognizes its role in stabilizing the housing market. We need a real, federal commitment of significant new funding to assist struggling tenants and homeowners in California and across the nation.”

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