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New body camera video shows Indio Police in-custody death near Cardenas Market

The Indio Police Department released body camera and surveillance videos, as well as 911 dispatch recordings, related to the in-custody death of a man last month right outside the Cardenas Market.


On Jan 22, 2021, Jose Albert Lizarraga Garcia died after police said he suffered a medical emergency while being arrested.

Jose Albert Lizarraga Garcia

Police said Garcia was acting suspiciously and was likely under the influence. He was seen going in and out of stores near Cardenas Market on Highway 111. He was taken into custody and police said he required medical assistance from paramedics after becoming combative and being physically restrained. 

Garcia's family disputed the police's accusations her father was under the influence. His daughter blamed the police's handling of the arrest for his death.

Police were initially called out to the AM/PM on Highway 111 after callers reported Garcia had picked up a bucket and thrown it outside.

The video showed Garcia running into the store, turning on the faucet, filling up a bucket, and before taking it out and just tossing it. Garcia then returned to the store, grabbed some more products, and ran out.

Garcia then went to a cell phone store across the street where he grabbed a bottle of cleaner and adjusted the thermostat.

Following that, Garcia crossed the street and went into the Cardenas Market.

Police then showed a 9-1-1 call from a Cardenas employee who reported that Garcia was grabbing merchandise of the shelves.

"He came where we have the candy and threw it on the floor," the worker told a dispatcher.

Police then played another 9-1-1 call from a customer who reported Garcia was running around the store with no shirt on.

Cell phone video then played showing Garcia rolling around on the floor of the store to the exit.

Garcia then headed over to the CVS Pharmacy in front of Cardenas. Surveillance video showed Garcia running behind the counter and past employees before heading back outside.

That's when Indio Police officer Edney arrived on the scene and made contact with Garcia in the parking lot between CVS and Cardenas. Bodycam video showed Garcia walking away from officers, he was eventually tackled by an officer.

Officers restrained Garcia who appeared to be struggling and moving around.

Officers spent several minutes trying to restrain Garcia. Garcia could eventually be heard yelling, "Please," and an officer could be heard telling him to relax.

Officers then called for a mask to be put on Garcia, at which time a mesh spit hood was placed over his head. Police said the hood is designed to allow for easy breathing.

Shortly before the mask was put on, Garcia was asked whether he could breathe to which he replied, "No." An officer was heard saying "Yeah you can," and another officer was heard saying, "You're talking to us."

Garcia was still heard struggling. He could be heard weakly mumbling as the spit hood is put over his head. Less than a minute later, Garcia was quiet. Officers asked him to lift up his head but he did not move. An officer then grabbed Garcia by the hair to slide a cushion under his head.

Garcia was no longer resisting or moving as officers worked to wrap his legs with a restraint. Garcia was then lifted in order for officers to apply further restraints on his chest.

Garcia was then lifted into an Indio police car. The video then noted that officers noticed Garcia was unresponsive, he was removed from the vehicle. An officer then checked his pulse as other officers worked to remove the chest restraint. Officers noted Garcia's eyes were dilated and removed his handcuffs in order to begin CPR.

Paramedics were then called. Garcia was pronounced dead at the scene. Autopsy findings have not been completed.

Garcia's family said they planned to file a lawsuit, no word on whether that has been filed yet.

Garcia's family is raising money for funeral and legal expenses – if you'd like to help, click here.

Stay with News Channel 3 for updates.

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