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CEO of Feeding America stops by FIND Food Bank

The FIND Food Bank is gearing up for the 11th annual telethon on News Channel 3 on Friday. It's your chance to get involved and help the local food bank which has provided millions of meals here in the valley during the pandemic.

FIND's president and CEO Debbie Espinosa said that in 2020, more people than eve needed food assistance here in the Coachella Valley. At one point the non-profit served 190,000 people per month.

"We want to make sure we can continue to serve the community at that level," Espinosa said.

FIND is one of more than 200 food banks across the country working together under the national non-profit Feeding America. On Wednesday, Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, the CEO of Feeding America, paid a visit to FIND's warehouse in Indio. She got a tour of the facility and saw volunteers in action.

"One of the main reasons for my visit…was to say thank you to this remarkable community," Babineaux-Fontenot said.

Babineaux-Fontenot said food banks across the country together served 6.1 billion meals to people who desperately needed them applauding the work done right here in the valley.

"To think that against all of the headwinds associated with COVID... that you guys stood together and doubled the amount of food that you provided to double the number of people…I think that warrants a trip," Babineaux-Fontenot said.

Espinosa and Babineaux-Fontenot urging the community to continue to give what they can supporting the valley food bank that supports those who need it most.

"We have to raise about $3.5 million - $4 million every year in order to make sure we can distribute all this food out into the community," Espinosa said.

"We're gonna need our partners to remain vigilant with us. And to keep investing in communities and I know this community knows how to do it," Babineaux-Fontenot said.

Don't miss our 11th annual Find Food Bank Telethon this Friday right here on news channel three.

Join us as we step up to the plate to support find and raise money to help them meet the surge in demand they have seen during the pandemic.

See FIND in action from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Friday, including some major announcements that will change how they serve our valley.

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