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Palm Springs Public Arts Commission looks to relocate George Floyd mural

The Palm Springs Public Arts Commission will vote Wednesday on whether or not it will allocate funds to move the George Floyd mural from its original location.

The mural is currently located on the side of a building off of North Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. The building is currently undergoing construction which is why it needs to be relocated.

It was painted in June 2020 after his death on May 25, 2020.

“It was important for us to do it last year to use our voice as a Public Arts Commission for a social justice issue. This is still a very prominent and important issue that is going on, so it’s very important we keep the mural somewhere downtown,” said Pritchard.

The commission is looking to allocate $3,500 for the removal and restoration of the mural on another property. New locations are actively being scouted as a potential place to set the mural up.

Once the Public Arts Commission votes to allocate the funds, it will then head to the City of Palm Springs for final approval. The city vote won't come until September due to the August recess.

Our News Channel 3 team spoke spoke with the mural’s LA-based artist last year who goes by the name 'Mr. Alek.' For him, he says the mural's message, was personal: “Growing up, I got harassed by police just for being what they assumed was a Mexican kid walking around LA."  

And for others in Palm Springs, the mural still represents more than one moment in history.

“To even bring this to the center of Palm Springs is really powerful. Because to be honest with you, a lot of times I walk around and all of the restaurants and shops, all the street corners I stand on...I’m usually the only person of color,” said local artist Everette Solomon, known as "Jevpic" in town.  

Solomon says the mural is empowering and deserves a permanent and prominent home in Palm Springs. “It made me feel like our city cares and they listen."

Solomon added he'd like to see the city consider other new works of art that honor, commemorate and celebrate the diverse history of Palm Springs.

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