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Restaurant owners’ wallets take a hit as prices for products are on the rise

Restaurants can't seem to catch a break since the pandemic hit, this time with the high cost of products.

Prices are increasing whether it's for kitchen products, personal protective equipment, labor, even food.

Todd Flood, Maracas Cantina Co-Owner said, “When I was paying $6:50 a pound for flap meat, for carne asada, and that type of thing it’s now $10.50 , $11.00 a pound.”

The United States Department of Agriculture reports these prices increasing by 4% this year already. It also said the last time this happened was in the 70's and early 2000's.

Restaurants across the nation are taking a hit as they try to keep up with the rising prices for nearly everything.

“There’s days where you’re just frustrated you’re looking at the increases on paper and thinking okay how am I going to combat all this.” said Flood.

The Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce also said it has been hearing from many of it's local restaurants the worries that come with this inflation.

“The profit margins for restaurants are already pretty darn low and so those prices are probably going to sneak up to cover the cost of doing business today.”

Maracas' owner said he hasn't had to raise prices quite yet, but at this rate it may come.

But still you're urged to get out and help keep your local restaurants afloat.

“As a business owner it feels a little bit scary to think you know hey I’m going to jump my prices and hope for the best." said Flood. "I hope it doesn’t have the impact it would have if you weren’t in this situation.”

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