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Local Links: Footloose Reflexology Massage brings cultural values to business

Footloose Reflexology Massage brings its cultural beliefs to the Coachella Valley to help relieve people of pains they may have.

Sun Ng and her business partner Grace took over the business from their former boss in 2011. By 2012 the two were opening up their second shop.

Ng said that the services offered at Footloose Reflexology Massage aren't just a generic massage using body oils for relaxation, but rather something that is therapeutic and targeted to personal needs.

The workers focus on several parts of the body, like your hands and feet. Ng said the techniques used focus on acupressure points that help treat people for a variety of issues they may be experiencing with their bodies.

It is a combination of reflexology and body massage.

Many of the techniques Ng said she uses were learned from China, where she and Grace were born. The two came to America not knowing one day they would own their own business.

Not only do both of the owners have their techniques from home, but said they also use their cultural values to provide good service.

Ng and Grace are grateful for the Coachella Valley, and all of the customers they are able to put a smile on after a session.

For more information on pricing, you can visit Footloose Reflexology Massage's website.

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