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Artist repairs vandalism to longtime mural in Indio

About a year ago a mural in the city of Indio was vandalized. One of the main figures had spray painted numbers on his chest. The city's council approved a restoration program that they will go periodically and repair any of the 19 murals that need repair and maintenace.

The original artist Don Gray was contacted by the city and he was able to restore the mural to its original form. Even though he is now 74 years old, he was happy to make new of his mural from 1998.

Senior Planner Leila Namvar says 'he generously agreed to do so he is 74 years old, but he's active. So he was here on the, you know, scissors lift and did the entire repairing within two days".

The city official welcomes the community and visitors to come out and see all 19 murals the city of Indio have to offer. For the full interview, tune in at 10 pm KESQ News Channel 3.

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