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Deputies eradicate over 1.5 tons of marijuana found at illegal cultivation site in Mecca

4/20 got off to an interesting start in Mecca Tuesday morning.

Riverside County Sheriff's Department announced the deputies located over 10,000 marijuana plants at an illegal cultivation site in the unincorporated community of Mecca.

The marijuana was located following a search warrant served in the 70-100 block of Johnson Street in Mecca Tuesday at approximately 6 a.m.

Approximately 11,169 marijuana plants were eradicated for a total weight of about 3,180 pounds (1.59 tons). In addition, 500 pounds of processed marijuana was also eradicated, the department announced.

There was no word on any arrests at this time.

The warrant was served by deputies assigned to the Southern Coachella Valley Community Service District Team (SCVCSDT), with the assistance of the Coachella Community Action Team (CCAT), La Quinta Special Enforcement Team (SET), Coachella Valley Narcotic Task Force (CVNTF), the Riverside County Special Investigation Bureau, the east end Post-release Accountability and Compliance Team (PACT) and Thermal Station Investigation Bureau.

The Sheriff's Department asks that if you suspect drug activity in your area, contact your local Sheriff’s Station. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is urged to contact Corporal Quezada with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at (760)863-8990, or Crime Stoppers at (760)341-STOP (7867).

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