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Local jobseeker urges businesses to value employees amid worker shortage

While businesses suffer from staffing shortages, one local job seeker is saying there's a reason people don't want to work.

A number of Coachella Valley businesses have been forced to cut operating hours, saying employees are burnt out because of worker shortages.

Natasha Childress, a Cathedral City local, has been in and out of work since the start of the pandemic largely because of how she said she's treated while on the job.

“The main thing that is an issue is that most employers have a pre-pandemic mindset still," explained Childress. "They think that it’s all you know sunshine and rainbows like it was before, and they’re not putting value in their staff.”

Childress said she's applied for countless positions during the pandemic and it almost always comes down to pay vs job duties. This is a factor that in some instances she has been unable to agree with.

“Countless jobs I’ve asked if there’s any wiggle room in the bare minimum wage they’re offering for that position. Yet they are making you do the job of 2-3 other people without appropriate compensation,” said Childress.

She is often on Indeed continuously applying to countless job postings, but she said some of them don't ever get back to her despite the position still being posted.

The treatment on the job, job hunting, and trying to pay her bills has taken its toll.

“Everything is chaos," Childress said. "My finances, my mental health. Like everything because of what’s going on here has created the domino effect of where I’m at.”

Childress said is employers want more employees, showing them what they're worth will go a long way.

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Crystal Jimenez

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