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Elizabeth Romero congratulates Melissa Melendez on her victory


Elizabeth Romero gave thanks to her supporters and congratulated Republican Melissa Melendez for her victory in the 28th District State Senate seat.

Romero also expressed how she was extremely proud of the campaign she and her team ran, despite coming up short in the vote count.

Romero released a statement saying, "Our efforts were historic, running the first campaign in California during a pandemic. I am extremely grateful for all the hard work of hundreds of volunteers who stepped up to talk to voters through phone banking, sending text messages, hosting virtual meet-and-greets, which resulted in over 84,000 votes."

Romero also added the efforts in checking in on vulnerable populations and providing resources during a healthcare crisis was admirable.

Romero said she will continue to fight for issues including access to quality healthcare, high-quality and affordable childcare and education, and ensuring a strong economic recovery for the Golden State.

Melendez declared victory on May 13, saying, "I want to thank everyone for their faith in me and my team and for all of the long hours and tireless dedication that my volunteers gave. Campaigns are tough and it truly takes a village. I am so grateful that you all have been part of mine. Time to take our fight for the taxpayers to Sacramento. I won't let you down!"

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