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Student-Athlete of the Week – Logan Harris

Xavier Prep Volleyball

Logan Harris was born to be an athlete.

"Nothing fit me as well as volleyball. My mom was a D-1 athlete. She played libero at Colorado State University and my Dad was a D-1 basketball player. So me playing volleyball was my motivation to be like them," said Logan Harris.

After no season in 2020, this is Harris’ last run as a Saint. So her job on the court means that much more.

"She’s captain on this team this year. Her role is to set the standard and what that means is that she has to play to the best of her ability every time she steps on the court. And she knows that," said head coach Natalie Donnels.

Harris said being a Saint has given her an opportunity to be apart of something bigger than volleyball. A family. A family that needs her as much as she needs them.

"She’s a really good team leader and she knows how to cheer you up at the right times and gets you to focus at the right times as well," said Domenique Romano.

"I would describe myself as a hard worker and going for every ball. And playing like its my last point every single point," said Harris.

With A full schedule of games ahead and a league title to chase - Coach Donnels is excited about one final run with with Harris…but also her future.

"She should definitely play after high school. She has the potential too, she’s very athletic. If she wants to she could go play anywhere she would want. It’s just that recruiting process. And then after that I could see her running her own company just the way she lives her life. She is very driven and very hardworking," said Donnels.

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Blake Arthur

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