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Fact check: Biden’s false and misleading claims at high-stakes news conference

By Daniel Dale, CNN Washington (CNN) — President Joe Biden held a solo news conference on Thursday after a NATO summit in Washington, seeking to reassure voters concerned about his ability to serve and Democratic officials concerned about his ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election. Biden’s comments included some false and misleading

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NATO allies are discussing reclaiming some Chinese-owned infrastructure in Europe

By Kayla Tausche and Kylie Atwood, CNN (CNN) — NATO officials are discussing taking action to reclaim some Chinese-owned infrastructure projects in Europe should a wider conflict with Russia break out in the east of the continent, three officials involved in the discussions told CNN. A decade ago, when Europe was still crawling out of the economic crater caused by

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Angry and stunned Democrats blame Biden’s closest advisers for shielding public from full extent of president’s decline

By MJ Lee, Jeff Zeleny, Kayla Tausche and Jamie Gangel, CNN (CNN) — At a star-studded fundraiser for President Joe Biden in Los Angeles last month, George Clooney wasn’t the only one who came away concerned about the president. Even before Biden made remarks that night, whispers of concern rippled through the audience at the Peacock Theater about the president who had

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US sanctions Israeli extremist organization tied to violence in the West Bank

By Jennifer Hansler, CNN (CNN) — The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on an Israeli violent extremist organization, three Israeli individuals and four “outposts” connected to violence in the West Bank. Thursday’s sanctions are the latest tranche under an executive order issued by President Joe Biden in early February amid increased violence in the

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Exclusive: US and Germany foiled Russian plot to assassinate CEO of arms manufacturer sending weapons to Ukraine

By Katie Bo Lillis, Natasha Bertrand and Frederik Pleitgen, CNN (CNN) — US intelligence discovered earlier this year that the Russian government planned to assassinate the chief executive of a powerful German arms manufacturer that has been producing artillery shells and military vehicles for Ukraine, according to five US and western officials familiar with the episode. The plot

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