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Prepare For A Heated Weekend At The Polo Grounds

INDIO – Greg Cedidla is prepared, even though its his first time camping at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio.

The day before the three-day concert fest begins, he says he’s aware of the sweltering heat that comes with the weekend.

“It’s so hot out here,” Cedidla notices. “We put the big shade up and everything. So, it’s looking a lot more comfortable.”

If you’re headed to the festival, the fire department recommends bringing a few things with you.Most importantly, firefighters recommend water, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses,and light-colored clothing.

Last year, the number one emergency call at Coachella was for heat stroke. The symptoms, firefighters say, start with dizziness.

“[Patients] may or may not sweat depending on what heat-illness they have,”Fernando Herrera with CalFireexplained.”Some people tend to sweat a lot. With heat stroke you don’t. It’s just red skin, real flushed red skin.”

Herrera also warns that the temperatures aren’t what typical festival-goers may be used to, so be careful. He says soft drinks and alcohol will dehydrate you.

“Water is the primary drink. A sports drink to follow with water, but the more water the better.”

Aside from liquids, food are on the minds of festival-goers.

Patrick Currans came prepared with what he calls mostly “junk food,”which included Pringles potato chips and lunch meat.

Cedidla also brought the lunch meat, two pounds of it, to go along with two loaves of bread and a brick of cheese.

“All you need to do is eat some sandwiches,” Cedidla said Thursday.

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