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Rock Steady Boxing changing lives for those with Parkinson

Across the entire world an estimated 7-10 million people battle Parkinson Disease every single day. Although there is no cure, a boxing work out class has been the solution for many. That’s where Rock Steady Boxing in Palm Desert and Indio have come to play with over 50-locals participating every week.


Story by Cody Krupp:

“I am a new person taking this class, I feel like I am 22-years-old after taking this class. Works every part of my body and my brain.” Yvonne Jackson of Rancho Mirage said.

“People that have walkers and have done this class have walked out with out walkers.” Kim Bueltel of Palm Springs added.

Kim and Yvonne are just two of the 1-million people in the United States battling Parkinson every single day and that is where Rock Steady Boxing comes to play.

“Any kind of forceful exercise research has shown that forceful activity, boxing being the most of those, can suppress and stop the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.”

Kintetic Health and Performance are spread out across the United States and opened over a year ago in Palm Desert, another one in Indio ,and helping one individual at a time while continuing to grow.

“I started with three fighters and now have 52-fighters in a year. Grown leaps and bounds.” Head Coach and Owner Gloria Landau said.

A disease that changes life as we know it.

“A freeze in their step, tremors, their arms don’t move. One arm will just stay when they are walking, a debilitating disease that affects the brain. They know what they want to do but their body won’t allow them to do it. It is very frustrating.” Landau said of the diesease.

One swing at a time making the body feel like it has gone back in time.

“It progressed but this class helped me with the regression. The shaking and all of that, just a blessing.” Jackson finished.

KESQ News Team


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