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Local roofers seeing rise in calls for service

Roofers are putting work at the future site of the Planet Fitness Cathedral City location. Tuesday’s rain caused leaks in the building. The storm has made them quite busy.

“We’ve had an extreme volume of calls all due to emergency leaks and things like that so a lot of calls this week, about 48 so far,” said David Bienek, Owner Vision Roof Services.

Bienek said his business typically receives 50% more calls when it does rain, and it’s due to people being caught off guard.

“Obviously in the valley, it doesn’t rain that much, but when it does, there’s an extreme high volume of calls due to lack of maintenance throughout the season,” Bienek said.

Jim Heacock in Palm Springs said he made sure his roofing was maintained but unfortunately, he didn’t build his patio roof correctly. He didn’t put the foam insulation in the right place, causing numerous leaks.

“That was one of my boo-boos. I never even thought about it when I put it up,” Heacock said.

According to roofers, the main source of leaks is the separation between the tiles. You can see the water accumulating eventually falling through, leaking into the interior. They say that might be time to repair your roof.

This includes making sure there are no broken tiles, all gutters and drains have been cleaned out, and pipes have been sealed.

“Just doing that should be enough to sustain your roof and minimize the leaks when it happens,” Bienek said.

Roofers also recommend that you check the top of your home or building at least once a year to make sure everything is in place.

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