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CVUSD parents have until Nov. 17 to decide to send their child back to the classroom

coachella valley unified school district

Parents of students in the Coachella Valley Unified School District have until Tuesday to pick whether they would like their child to return to the classroom under the hybrid model or just stay at home for the rest of the school year.

Parents can fill out a registration form for each of their children within the Parent Portal available at the CVUSD website.

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The district sent out a notice to parents who have yet to register. They have until midnight on November 17.

"If any parent does not feel comfortable sending their child back to school, that's okay," said Lisette Santiago, community engagement manager with CVUSD. "If they do feel comfortable, it's good that they know all the requisites and all the criteria that all students need to follow."

There is currently no set date for when hybrid learning would begin at the district's school. CVUSD officials said they want to be prepared and plan for the future.

In a survey of CVUSD parents conducted in September, 49% said they don't intend to send their children to school in person with a hybrid model. 51% of parents who did agree to send their children to the classroom said they will need to use school transportation to be able to get on campus.

As for the other two local districts, Desert Sands Unified School District parents made their choice last week.

The Palm Springs Unified School District is still laying out its plans for hybrid learning. The district has brought in a very small group of students into classrooms, but still need to schedule a town hall to further discuss with parents.

PSUSD is planning on implementing hybrid learning by Jan. 19, however, that could be pushed back if it looks like Riverside County will remain in the purple tier by that date.

More Details: PSUSD's plans for return of students could be impacted by the county's tier status

The purple tier is the state's most restrictive tier of its reopening plan. Schools in the purple counties remain closed.

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Riverside County would need to meet the metrics for the red tier and maintain it for three weeks. The county's metrics continue to move further away from the red tier amid a surge in cases.

This week, (Nov 16), Riverside County is case rate per 100K and the adjusted case rate is three times the minimum needed to move into the red tier.

Riverside County metrics:

  • 21.1 new cases per day per 100K (Needs to be between 4-7)
  • 22.4 adjusted case rate (Needs to be between 4-7)
  • 8.9% positivity rate (Needs to be between 5-8%)
  • 8.5% Health equity quartile positivity rate (Needs to be between 5.3-8.0%)
Riverside County's metrics last week (11/10/20)

You can get continuing local updates on the coronavirus pandemic at

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