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Morongo Valley man asks for help in completing return at Walmart after 2 weeks of self quarantine


Morongo Valley resident David Steiger, as a truck driver years ago, once delivered shipments for Walmart.

But more recently, he's been frustrated with the corporate giant after buying a desktop computer at the store in Yucca Valley and then trying to return it, after finding out a nephew had an old PC that Steiger could use.

"With everything going on in the world you would think they would take into consideration what is going on with the little people," said Steiger.

Steiger says he purchased the HP desktop at the store on July 24th.

But a few days later, he says a paramedic with the Morongo Valley Fire Department encouraged him to self quarantine for 2 weeks.

That's because he had contact with a person who tested positive for coronavirus.

That's what Steiger did.

But staying home, he missed the 15 day return window which Walmart allows for electronics.

"I'm a little disappointed in a company I've done business with for 20, 30, 40 years," said the retiree.

About a week after his quarantine ended, Steiger says he took the PC back to the store to return it, but was turned down.

He then contacted News Channel 3 asking for help in getting back his $325, which the retiree says is more than a third of his monthly income.

In an effort to help Steiger find resolution we went to the Walmart on 29 Palms Highway and attempted to talk with the store manager.

We also contacted the company's corporate office.

Store manager David Murphy was in a meeting, but we later spoke with him by phone.

After explaining Steiger's situation, Murphy said he'd be happy to take back the computer, assuming "everything checks out" and said he'd call Steiger after speaking with us.

"I would say thank you very much for doing what I think should be the right thing," said Steiger.

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