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CT/’CAT’ Scans


The SOMATOM Sensation 16 is the most advanced Computed Tomography (CT or “CATâ€) scanner available. The Sensation 16 gathers up to 38 slices per second to provide extremely accurate images of various organs and structures within the body along with the ability for three-dimensional images that create a “virtual†examination of various parts of the body with no invasive procedure. These enhanced applications make Eisenhower Imaging Center the only facility in the desert with this advanced technology.

Eisenhower Imaging Center houses two SOMATOM Sensation 16 CT Scanners.

STANDARD USE:The Computed Tomography Scanner system uses a ray of radiation to gather horizontal “slices†of the body that are as small as 0.5 mm thick. This Siemens SOMATOM has specialized dosing technology that reduces radiation exposure up to 60% compared to other CT scanners. Some of the standard studies performed include:

Cardiovascular system, including arteries and veins Major organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, colon, sinuses, etc. Bones, joints and extremities Virtual colonoscopy

Contact Eisenhower Imaging Center at (760) 674-3850 for more information.

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