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Riding With The Dolphins Without Leaving The Desert

The drift of the ocean to your body, the gentle crash of waves around you, and the sense of becoming one with sea life — these things can surely describe a trip to a tropical paradise.

But one local company is offering everything you can find in a Caribbean-locale without the lengthy travel.

Virtual Dolphin Therapy is giving a new alternative to escapism and relaxation from the daily grind.

The therapy comprises everything from the feel of the ocean to the sound of waves crashing to even a soothing virtual ride with the dolphins with the aim of transporting the user to a realm of calm and deep relax.

Creator Don Estes says Virtual Dolphin Therapy is a convenient way to take part in one of today’s most sought after adventures.

“Swimming with the dolphins has become the rage lately,” said Estes. “To feel and experience dolphins in way that’s comfortable, rather than being in the water…this is so much safer and there’s no travel.”

For us desert dwellers, the therapy can be found at the La Quinta Healing Arts in the La Quinta Cove.

A user’s up-close encounter with the pod of dolphins includes much more than just seeing or hearing them. The sounds were recorded in Cancun.

“It’s much more powerful than any kind of machine that humans have come up with,” Estes talked about the therapy apparatus. “As far as sound therapy goes, it seems like the dolphins know a lot more about it than we do.”

The moment you enter the dolphin room, the experience begins. Calming lights simulate water surrounding you while soothing music envelopes you with every note.

Then, once you slip on the virtual reality glasses and stereo headphones, your body sinks into the vibrasound liquid crystal mattress and you’re ready to dive into an underwater world.

“It’s a multi-sensory experience,” Estes explains. “The visual is beautiful, an open eye meditation. And then there’s the light experience.

“The sound makes you feel the ocean rush up your back as you’re lying on the table. It’s a virtual experience of just water all over your whole body and, of course, the music is absolutely gorgeous.”

After about 15 minutes of light therapy, you slip into an alpha state of relaxation and you’re ready to meet the dolphins who take you away on the rest of your 45 minute journey.

Just lose your mind, come to your senses,” Brenda Burger, owner of La Quinta Healing Arts, advises. “Our dolphins will meet you there.”

A 45-minute Virtual Dolphin Therapy session runs $75.

If you would like to learn more on the therapy, refer to the following websites.;;

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