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A TAXING DILEMMA: Different Filing Options

The tax clock is ticking and the number of days until the filing deadline are winding down.

The first decision you need to make if you haven’t filed is how you are going to do it.

“The easiest thing you can do to do your taxes is get to a computer,” according to Raphael Tulino, a media relations specialist for the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s so easy, the IRS has actually seen a 20% increase so far this year of people doing their own taxes electronically.

“It just makes the process light years easier to do as opposed to using paper,” Tulino said.

Last year, nearly 90 million taxpayers went online to file.

“Generally, math errors are the biggest mistake but if you get to a computer those are reduced to pretty much nil,” according to Tulino.

If you do decide to go the old-fashioned route and fill out a paper return, and wait for a check in the mail, it could take 6 or 7 weeks.

“If you want your refund as quick as possible, get to a computer, choose direct deposit, hit enter, and it will show up in your account in about a week or so,” Tulino said.

Depending on your financial situation you might want to go to a professional to get your taxes prepared.

But, do your homework and make sure they know what their doing before you hand over all your personal financial information.

“The bottom line is this: When you choose someone to do your return, choose someone who is looking out in your best interest because no matter who prepares it, you are the one that’s responsible for what’s on it once you sign it.”

There is another option and it’s free.

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