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Tips on how to avoid “mask face” from local dermatologist, Dr. Wendy Roberts

Dr. Wendy Roberts

It can be very uncomfortable wearing a face-covering in the heat and it can even cause skin irritation.

News Channel 3’s Caitlin Thropay spoke to a local health expert on skin tips when wearing a mask in the heat all day.

“It really is hot out and before we had to wear a mask it was pretty unbearable but now we all have to wear a mask and wearing a mask is the best thing you can do for your health and for the health of those around you,” Dr. Wendy Roberts, a dermatologist in Rancho Mirage told us cloth masks and bandanas work great but when out in the heat consider a lighter option.

Be aware that surgical masks and N-95 masks should still only be used by the medical and first responder communities.

Dr. Roberts also told us wearing a mask all day can cause some issues for your skin. She calls it the "mask face."

“Mask face is basically skin that has been covered by a mask all day and lots of things can happen when you do that," she said. "If you have oily skin you can develop acne in the mask area," she added.

For those with acne-prone skin she recommends daily washing.

“There’s salicylic acid which is really good and it helps to clear up acne,” she said.

For those with sensitive skin or eczema Dr. Roberts a BB or barrier cream.

“The barrier cream is usually made of silicone so that’s the magic ingredient you want to look for in the cream,” she said.

If during the day your face is feeling extra hot she recommends ice!

“Take ice cubes and roll them around your face but just don’t leave them in one spot you don’t want to get a burn from the ice,” she said.

Dr. Roberts also said wearing a mask could be worse if we lived in a more humid climate.

“Here in the desert, we’re lucky because it’s a little bit easier on us to wear a mask and actually we will accommodate to it over time," she said. "That’s the great thing about human beings. Once we have to do something our bodies learn and our minds learn to accommodate so masks will get more comfortable the longer we wear them and that’s the good news,” she added.

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Caitlin Thropay

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