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CA Assembly passes Chad Mayes’ resolution calling on President Trump to resign

Assemblymember Chad Mayes (I-Yucca Valley) presented a resolution Monday afternoon calling for President Donald Trump to resign following a riot at the Capitol last week. Five people died during the violence.

"...liberty cannot endure without responsibility. Many of us would prefer that the President would take personal responsibility and resign on his volition. Since he fails to do so, the people and the representatives must hold him responsible with the tools that the constitution provides," Mayeswere the sparks that lit the fire that has now engulfed our nation, Mayes said in a speech on the assembly floor on Monday. "The President invited the insurrectionists, he incited them and for too long he did nothing to stop them."

Mayes continued, "The President's non-stop unsubstantiated and false claims that the election was rigged and fraudulently stolen from him were the sparks that lit the fire that has now engulfed our nation, Mayes said in a speech on the assembly floor on Monday.

Mayes called for those who stormed the Capitol to be punished, but also called for unity and healing among the country.

"While it's easy to demonize those caught up in the frenzy of hate and anger, this American carnage lays at the feet of only one person. Many of us in this chamber understand what it's like to come from a marginalized community. Believe me, being poor and white from a desert carries many of the same burdens as being poor and black or brown and being from the city," Mayes said. "I understand those that feel like they've been left behind. I have family and friends who think that no one is listening to them and their fear is that they are losing the country that they love. Let me be clear, those who committed this insurrection must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but we must show understanding for those radicalized by social media posts and narcissistic politicians and shock jock grifters who have gotten rich off of exploiting people's emotions and fears. We must show them love and ask them to come home to an America that hears their voices."

The resolution was adopted with a 51 to 6 vote. Local assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) was among those who voted AYE.

Mayes was the former GOP Assembly leader but left the Republican Party in Dec. 2019,  after watching what he fears is "the disintegration of our political system."

Monday morning, another Valley republican voiced their supported for impeachment. Former Congresswoman Mary Bono signed a letter supporting Trump's impeachment.

On Friday, local Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz issued a statement calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump following riots at the Capitol.

01/08/21 Ruiz Statement on Impeaching Donald Trump

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