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Palm Springs warmer, drier than normal in 2021


Temperatures generally stayed above normal while precipitation stayed below in 2021, according to the National Weather Service office in San Diego. It released annual climate statistics for Palm Springs and surrounding areas Saturday afternoon, suggesting that overall, the region has remained warmer and drier than what is considered normal.

The average daytime high for Palm Springs in 2021 was reported as 90.6°F. This is 1.7°F above the normal annual average. The average overnight low was reported as 64.1°F, sitting 1.8°F higher than normal. Official temperatures are recorded at Palm Springs International Airport.

In a normal year, Palm Springs typically sees 4.61" of overall rainfall accumulation, but 2021 came up short. After closing out December with a series of storm systems, just 2.49" were measured for the year.


Palm Springs also set a new all-time record with a daytime high temperature of 123°F on June 17, 2021. The coolest temperature was 35° back in January of 2021.

The National Weather Service includes the climate normal period ranges from 1981-2010. The office reported San Diego and Riverside also had above normal annual average daytime high temperatures. San Diego was slightly below normal in the average overnight low, and Riverside was slightly above normal. Both came in below normal in annual rainfall accumulation, with Riverside 3.62" below normal for the year.

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