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Local Links: Putting your physical and mental health first

Mental health is taking a front seat as the pandemic continues, and Ecore Fitness is trying to get people out of their funk and into their facility to work it all out.

It's dedication and drive that get people through the doors of Ecore Fitness.

The Pilates studio offers different types of classes Monday through Friday to get people moving.

It was smooth sailing for Sean Bergara who opened the studio to be his own boss and run things how he wanted.

Until the pandemic hit and the fitness center was closed for an entire year as Bergara waited for things to get better.

Once he was finally able to reopen, Bergara said he came back with a whole new game plan and was ready to work.

“I think you have two ways to look at it. One way is to let this time heal me and focus me and my business and how to get stronger," explained Bergara. "I think that is the message I want to get out, that this happened for all of us. Even my students, they came back stronger.”

Mental health has taken its toll on several people during the pandemic. Places like Ecore Fitness are stressing the importance of getting out, and working out to help with that.

Galen Mckinzie, a Palm Springs resident who attends classes regularly at Ecore vouches, getting physical exercise has been helpful for his mental and physical health.

When he wasn't allowed in the doors as the business temporarily shut down, he had to find other ways to work out.

“During the pandemic, you’re stuck at home and now that you’re able to get out you know starting your morning just an hour and just exercising just gets all your brain stimulated, your muscles stimulated, and then you’re ready to go out and do something,” said Mckinzie.

With cases on the rise, once again, the fitness center is welcoming people by giving them a place to not only work on their physical appearance but an outlet to keeping their sanity.

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