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Man Taking Solo Border Walk Returns Home

More than a year ago, Steven Murray was seeking help at a vulnerable time in his life.

Living on the streets, Murray sought help from the Well in the Desert pantry in Palm Springs.

And after a year, Murray says, he’s finally been able to bring himself up from despair and hopelessness.

So with a new lease on life, Murray has decided to take several steps forward to raise awareness for Well in the Desert and other charities in the valley.

He decided to walk from Palm Springs to Mexicali and back all in the name of charity.

“All these charities behind the scenes are busting their butts to get charity out there,” Murray says. “But they have to go through the bureaucracy and red tape.”

Steven says he has been walking 25 miles a day for training. At first he was planning to drag his self-made vehicle containing his most important possessions all the way to his final destination.

But he says the vehicle broke so he’s letting it go.

“I have no money. I’m poor. I’m broke, but I do have myself.”

And according to him, humans have compassion. He says he’s counting on the generosity and support of people to feed him and his dog on the way.

Steven doesn’t know how long it’ll take him to get to the border. He does, though, plan to return to Palm Springs by September 19, he says, in one piece ‘with plenty of pride.’

All of this despite the searing heat outside.

KESQ News Team


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