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Crackers Force Bomb Crews To Evacuate Joshua Tree Courthouse

Workers for a San Bernardino courthouse are breathing a sigh of relief after bomb crews evacuated the building Monday afternoon.

The bomb squad was called-in to the courthouse just off of Highway 62 after a suspicious package was found inside a restroom.

An employee found the package inside the woman’s bathroom.

Crews arrived to the scene shortly after and what they found was a first for bomb disposal teams.

They say C-4 or another type of explosive could have been inside, so employees were told to stay outside.

Bomb crews arrived shortly after.

They X-rayed the package and what they found inside the foil wasn’t a bomb but rather …

“It turned out to be one of the employees lunch, a roll of crackers,” says Sgt. Steve Spears of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office. “Kind of expensive crackers but it was a roll of crackers, that’s all it was.”

Employees stood outside anxiously waiting to hear what officers were working on and they say what crews found wasn’t worth the wait.

“It was very long and I wish they would have let us go home but they didn’t and then we found out it was in foil with crackers in it,” said employee Robin Ryan with a laugh.

A few weeks ago officers conducted a practice evacuation for employees.

Officers say helped get everyone out safely.

The building houses not only a San Bernardino courthouse but also a sheriff’s station.

So even though the suspicious package turned out to be lunch, crews still didn’t take the threat lightly.

“From the presiding judge, Judge Mcguire, down in San Bernardino to the supervising judge here, to the sheriffs command structure; proper protocol was followed and we did the right thing, even though it was a bunch of crackers,” says Sgt. Spear.

It’s unclear how the package was disposed of.

The employees were let back inside around 4 Monday afternoon and finished their work day as normal.

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