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IZon Customized Eyeglasses: High-Definition Vision

Have you seen the fantastic difference between high-definition TV and “conventional” TV? Would you like to have glasses that provide true high-definition, whether for day or nighttime activity, up-closeandat a distance? Ophthonix has introduced iZon Customized Eyeglasses, based on new vision technology that allows your unique optical fingerprint, or “iPrintTM,” to be corrected with fully customized lenses. These lenses are made as a one-of-a-kind match for your eyes.

In fact, like fingerprints, no two eyes are exactly alike – even your own two eyes differ. (That’s why retinal scanning is being developed to identify and differentiate individuals; each of us has a unique retinal signature.) But until now, many people the world over have received the exact same prescription for their eyes. Today, your unique vision correction solution is attainable: iZon Eyeglasses have literally thousands of points of correction, providing high-def vision that will make your old glasses seem like a TV from a bygone era.

The maker of iZon lenses, Ophthonix, uses wavefront technology to measure each eye, and programs an individual’s unique iPrint into its special lens material on a point-by-point basis, achieving stunning clarity and crispness of vision. Each iZon lens is thus uniquely optimized for the patient.

If you’d like to find out more about iZon lenses from Ophthonix,contact The Vision Professionals for a consultation today.

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