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Local Doctor Has New Technology To Diagnose Acid Reflux

by Elizabeth Beaubien

News Channel 3 Anchor/Reporter

Do you have a burning in your throat?A persistent cough? Hoarseness?

If so, you could have acid reflux disease, and if it’s left untreated it could lead to esophageal cancer, which can kill you.

But a diagnosis of acid reflux is now easy, thanks to new technology.

Jill Rago is the nursing supervisor for Dr. Michael Gatto, who specializes in acid reflux disease.

She says she was shocked to learn last fall that she has the disease, and that she had it for a long time.

“I didn’t know that I did,” Rago said. “It started with a cold. Then the feeling in my throat of it was stinging.”

Dr. Gatto useda new high-tech scope with a camera on its tip to see down Jill’s throat.

Not only did Jill have acid reflux disease, but also an ulcer on a vocal chord, something for which she will have to see a specialist.

Dr. Gatto says Jill’s case is typical. Most people don’t realize they have symptoms of acid reflux disease because they associate acid reflux with stomach problems.

“Eighty percent of the people we see have no stomach problems, but have throat problems, hoarseness, burning throat. Cough is a symptom, throat clearing.”

Dr. Gatto says it’s extremely important to get acid reflux disease diagnosed and treated.

He says acid reflux is easily treatable with medicine and diet change.

Dr. Gatto also has a scope that can monitor exactly when your body is having acid reflux, which can result in a more precise treating of the disease.

For more information about acid reflux disease and Dr. Gatto, contact Michael R. Gatto, M.D. & Associates at (760) 323-4735

KESQ News Team


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