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Street Improvements Begin On Deadly Intersection

The Riverside County Transportation Department will be installing striping improvemnets at the intersection of Varner Road and Boca Chica Trail starting on Monday, August.

The improvements consists of installing a westbound right turn lane on Varner Road; a merge lane for vehicles making a southbound right turn from Boca Chica onto Varner; the relocation of the stop bar exiting Boca Chica; and other work.

Tall delineation markers will be installed at key locations to provide additional guidance to drivers.

These improvements have been developed in response to a request from the Tri-Palms Shenandoah Springs community. These improvements will help improve visibility and traffic safety at the intersection.

Last week, Ophelia Porter was killed while making a left turn on Varner. The California Highway Patrol says she drove in front of a passing truck.

Work should be done within two days. There will be temporary flagging, but no road closures.

KESQ News Team


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