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Cargo Shipments In Palm Springs Continue After Terror Threat

Palm Springs International Airport was never placed on lock down or evacuated Friday after authorities investigated what appeared to be Improvised Explosive Devices, or IED’s, on cargo planes in England, Newark and Philadelphia.

UPS confirms that two of its aircraft were searched.

Commercial airline travelers were on-guard.

“Something could happen right here on the streets,” said Sue Ellen Black, who was flying from Palm Springs to San Francisco.

Black said she doesn’t plan on jumping on a plane again in the near future.

“I think people probably will be more cautious for a while again,” she said. “Then we forget, right? Unfortunately.”

Ed Boyle is a frequent flier and he said Americans should not stop flying.

“That’s ridiculous. That’s giving into the terrorists. They win,” he said.

Authorities said Jewish organizations were the target of the suspicious packages.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is said to be behind the attack — they seek the destruction of Israel and it’s allies.

“These militants are obsessed over a population of the world that numbers less than 0.2 percent,” said Rabbi Yonason Denebeim, who has taught at the synagogue, Chabad of Palm Springs, for 30 years. “As usual, I was disturbed by it and dumbfounded.”

He doesn’t understand the hatred or violence towards Jews.

He said his synagogue has never fallen victim to anti-Semitic terror or violence. But that terror threats bring congregations together.

Still, some members wonder — why them.

“What did we do wrong? We didn’t do anything wrong, he said. “We have to be proud of who we are and constantly spread the message that all of God’s children; all of creation is holy and needs to be honored and respected.”

UPS said all services coming in and out of Yemen have been suspended until further notice.

But the Coachella Valley will not be affected.

KESQ News Team


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