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New smartphone feature could save lives

It’s always by your side and now your smartphone could save your life.

“One of the biggest things would be the medications because even people don’t know the name of their medications,” said Rick Griggs, Cal Fire Battalion Chief.

He said the lock feature on smartphone is one of the biggest problems first responders face when trying to gather information. However, they can now access medical and personal information on a locked phone with the Medical ID feature.

Those with the Apple IOS8 already have the Medical ID feature installed under the health icon. For Android users, the feature is available for free download in the Play Store. People can enter medical conditions, allergies or medications. The feature also gives users the option to enter emergency contacts, which can be very useful to hospitals and law enforcement.

“In our case, it’s to be able to put a name with somebody and not have them be a John or a Jane Doe,” said Griggs.

People like Patty Garza say they wish they knew about the feature sooner.

“My late husband had medical issues and my concern was always is if I wasn’t with him no one would know his special needs, medications that he was on,” said Garza.

She says it’s important for people of all ages to have your medical information available.

“Medical needs aren’t just for the older people,” she said. “It’s for young even kids have medical needs that in an emergency situation those need to be known.”

In the case a smartphone is lost or stolen, there are ways to wipe your phone and delete the Medical ID.

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