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Study shows small uptick in violent crime for Indio

A study done by the FBI shows violent crime in the majority of the Coachella Valley is on the decline, but in 2013 Indio saw 468 violent crimes versus 450 the year before.

The FBI published the “Uniform Crime Reports: Crime in the United States” and shows property and violent crime is decreasing nationwide.

“You know these crime statistics they may vary they get audited a police department my over report a specific crime they may under report a specific crime. The change through out the year,” says Sgt. Daniel Marshall with the Indio Police Department. “They shouldn’t be used as absolutes because there is no one key element to see how the crime trend is going,” says Marshall.

Indio police say they are on par with incidents of violent crime from previous years, and are already working on ways to make Indio safer.

“We are trying to use discernible facts to target specific areas where the potential for violent crime is increased. And we have patrols at night that are directly out looking in those targeted areas as deterrent to violent crime,” say Marshall.

KESQ News Team


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