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Valley moviegoers react to Sony pulling “The Interview”

Sony’s comedy “The Interview” pokes fun at the idea of two American journalists killing North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.

But after a cyber attack on the studio that included threats of a 9/11-like attacks on theaters, Sony execs decided to kill the film instead.

“That’s probably the reaction they wanted to get from people is to have the theater and have the studio shut it down,” said Bruce Cappelli of Oregon.

Social media exploded with reaction to Sony’s decision:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted, “America has lost its first cyber war.
Director Judd Apatow tweeted, “It is disgraceful that these theaters are not showing the interview.”
Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “An un-american act of cowardice that validates terrorist actions and sets a terrifying precedent.”

Meanwhile, valley moviegoers had mixed opinions.

“If someone does die and it turns out, yea they should just pull it they should just leave it at that,” said Dieon Lucious of Desert Hot Springs.

“I think it’s kind of unfair because they put a lot of money into it,” said Angie Cheney of Palm Springs about the movie’s more than $40 million budget.

Some believe the hack was sparked by the film’s scene depicting Kim Jung Un’s death (see video in story). Sony execs and co-director Seth Rogen went back and forth for months on how graphic it should be.

We decided to ask people, what would you think if another country made a film depicting President Obama’s assassination?

“I guess people would be offended,” Cheney said.

“No I wouldn’t be offended I would think it’s funny, it’s a movie,” Lucious said.

“That’s what free market and free speech is all about,” Cappelli said.

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