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Wet weather causing problems around desert

This wet weather not exactly what tourists bargained for when they selected Palm Springs as their vacation spot. The rain and clouds also caused issues for some Palm Springs restaurants.

“We’ve got Ruby’s shut down, apparently they flooded. And Happy Sushi behind me is having water issues, where it’s coming from the deck upstairs at Brickworks. So yeah, it’s impacted us a little bit. I have some water come through the ceiling in one of our restrooms,” said Todd Flood, partner at Maracas in Palm Springs.

The La Plaza area is hurting after Tuesday morning’s soaking.

“Because we get rain every so often things get dried out where you have issues. Where there’s cracks that get discovered when it rains and then it’s too late,” Flood said.

But business owners said they’ll take the hit if it helps Mother Nature.

“Sad, but we need the rain. So that’s good,” Flood said.

Some tourists don’t mind this wet weather.

“I love it because it’s good for the dust to settle down and I like that,” said Sue Enyeart from Oregon.

Others saying it reminds them of home, which isn’t always a good thing.

“It’s too much like home. I came here for some sunshine and I got a couple of days of that. And I understand that this is leaving. I know it’s necessary, but I’m looking for some sunshine,” said Marilyn Bolling from Washington.

Many are hoping these overcast skies don’t stick around for too long.

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