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A subdued Independence Day as we scale back reopening of businesses


Independence day celebrations in our valley are alot quieter this year as the county has taken a step back with the reopening of businesses.

The view at Demuth Park in Palm Springs on the 4th of July was less busy than expected.

“Normally, there’s alot of kids playing around, parents together watching them and this park is a soccer park sometimes so there’s alot of soccer players here," said Valery Lucero.

“No kids, nobody is smiling having their picnics with family," said Lisa Troutman.

Troutman said she and her family are celebrating the holiday differently.

“I think we are going to go to the casino and sit on the top and watch them in the sky so hopefully we’ll get to see that," said Troutman.

Mary Pickford Theatre celebrating Independence day with free ice cream.

“We thought we were going to be open a little bit longer so we made a nice big batch of ice cream cause we make it on site. We had it all store and ready to go and they shut us down again," said Ted Hane, General Manager of the Mary Pickford Theatre. "So we decided to blow it out for the 4th of July."

One movie-goer decided to stop by. 

“Well, I got my email from the theatre they are giving away free ice cream, come in and buy some popcorn and came here to get some free ice cream," said Juan Brown.

Although, some valley parks are alot quieter for this year that’s not the case in Downtown Palm Springs.” 

“We are shopping," said Judy Coats. "We are supporting restaurants that we don’t think should have been shut down. We are out to support most little businesses.” 

“We are just enjoying each other’s company," said Brett Nary, who's visiting Palm Springs. "Its all about family.” 

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