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Palm Springs Company Does Dog Doo

There are people you can hire to clean your house, to service your pool, and to do your landscaping.

Pretty much anything that you don’t want to do there’s someone who you can pay to do it for you.

Now, a new Palm Springs company takes doing dirty work one step further.

“My friends call me Joe ‘the dooky hunter,'” Joe Fanfa says about being tease for his job.

Fanfa is the owner of Got Dooky?, a dog waste clean up service.

For less than $10, Joe or one of his partners will come out to your house once a week and clean up after your pet.

Although it’s hard not to laugh when you hear about Joe’s business, he says it’s a duty someone has to do.

Joe says anyone’s health and the environment suffers when dog excrement is just left behind.

“If a child steps in it or gets it on their hands and touches their face, an infection goes into their digestive tract,” Fanfa says.

A lot more goes into the job than you’d think.

Joe and his employees are prepared with all types of sanitizers, scoops, and sprays. They are ready to clean away anything in their tracks.

“Most people get grossed out,” Fanfa says. “In today’s world, no one wants to clean up after an animal.”

And that’s what makes this business boom turning one man’s dreaded task into another man’s paycheck.

KESQ News Team


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