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News Channel 3 Anchor Heads To ‘Boot Camp’

At one time or another we all want to get into better shape and improve our overall health. So this month,I tried out Desert Adventure Boot Camp at La Quinta Park.

During my month-long journey to better health, you’ll see that a little sweat and tears really pay off. For instance, fellow Boot Camper Krissy Devane lost 47 pounds, 16 percent body fat, 36 inches, and she’s down almostthree sizes. It’s taken a lot of dedication, but, six Boot Camps later, Krissy has become a true testament to what the Boot Camp can do for you.

Desert Adventure Boot Camp trainer Alison Busher is extremely proud of Krissy.

“She’s amazed me…The goals she’s met every month have just blown me away,”Busher says of Devane.”She is an inspiration to so many people in the camp and continues to be.”

Whether it’s running, tricep dips, push-ups, mountain climbers, squats or sit-ups, Alison makes the hour-long bootcamp challenging, yet fun, and that keeps women like Krissy coming back for more.

“I think it’s her spunk, her goofiness…It’s fun,”Devane says of her Boot Camp instructor.”She’ll look you in the eye. It’s not like you’re in a group.”

It’s a total body workout with constant movement that keeps your heart rate up andtones and tightens those problem areas. Krissy says doing a series of lunges isn’t her favorite thing to do, but it works.

“I hate lunges and we do tons of them. But my jeans fit better so they’re really working. The worst exercise ever, but they work!”

Don’t let the term “Boot Camp” scare you off.All ages, shapes, and sizes sign-up. And Alison encourages everyone to go at their own pace and build up from there.

“We modify all the exercises so if you haven’t exercisedin 10 years, the Boot Camp works for you perfectly fine,” Alison says. “And if you’re an avid-fitness buff, it will challenge you as well.”

You can expect to burn 700 to 800 calories during each session. Alison holds each girl accountable with a fitness assessment at the beginning and end of each camp, measuring body fat, hydration and inches. But results don’t come with just exercise alone. Nutrition is also key.

Krissy says changing her diet has made a big difference.

“Eating clean. No soda. That was a big thing for me. In the first month I lost 11 pounds and I think that was just from dropping soda.”

During each Boot Camp, holistic health practitioner Aaron Hermanson talks to the girls about changing their focus when it comes to food.

“They’re so obsessed with calories, carbs and numbers that they’re missing the quality side of things,” Hermanson says.”People think they’re being very healthy if they have a salad and Diet Coke. That may not have any calories or contribute to weight gain but there is no nutrition in terms of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and so forth.”

Overall,it’s a lifestyle change and one that you have to be ready to make. Krissy was ready.

“I didn’t think that I could do it, but you can. You also have to be ready. I was ready. Time for you. It’s time to take care of yourself.”

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