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Valley Cleans Up A Day After Another Big Wind Storm

PALM DESERT – Residents and maintenance crews had their work cut out for them Wednesday, one day after a windstorm howled through the Desert.

The sounds of chainsaws echoed along Cook Street in Palm Desert. Maintenance crews from Desert Springs Marriott cleaned up after Mother Nature at the crack of dawn.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says Barbara DeWinter, a Marriott guests from Washington. “Especially where the fence was knocked over the golf course.”

Eight hours earlier, Rick Eichberg of Palm Springs had his own mess to handle at the El Dorado Mobile Country Club on East Palm Canyon Drive.

“I was laying down, getting ready for bed. All of a sudden, the wind picked up. I heard a noise, like a big zip sound,” Eichberg recalls.

That big zip sound turned out to be a tree splitting apart and landing on Eichberg’s home.

Eichberg’s nerves were rattled. “I’m just too scared to stay here tonight. Instead, I’m going to try and find a hotel because I don’t think I could sleep after that. It just scared me read bad. I’m jumpy now because it’s real scary.”

His roommate tells News Channel 3 the house turned out to be fine.

But, their patio is wiped out. They found remnants of it on their neighbor’s roofs.

The same thing happened two miles away at Date Palm Country Club in Cathedral City.

Approximately seven homes lost their carports or patios.

Dale Miller witnessed the loss of his patio Tuesday night. “I happened to look out and say, ‘I can see the trees instead of the patio,’ and then I realized it was gone.”

Miller says this year’s windstorms are the worst he has experienced in 13 years.

Unfortunately, more wind is expected throughout Wednesday.

KESQ News Team


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