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Coachella Considering Layoffs, Furloughs To Close Deficit

COACHELLA – The City of Coachella held a special study session to review possible sources of generating more revenue and balance a $3 million budget deficit.

“How do we create alternative sources of revenue as we face this deficit and with the economic problems we’re facing across the country?” Mayor of Coachella, Eduardo Garcia, asked Thursday.”That’s a challege and we will have to make some hard decisions.”

City leaders say one scenerio would be to layoff nearly 30 city employees, freeze merit increases, implement weekly Friday furloughs, reduce community spending, and cut public safety services. In addition, some city leaders believe increasing the Utility Users Tax would be an ideal source to bring in revenue.

The city will meet on Thursday, May 28 at City Hall to continue reviewing their options and they expect to make a final decision in the coming months.

KESQ News Team


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