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Dennis P. Carden, R.N.

Dennis P. Carden, R.N.

Dennis P. Carden began his journey through the world of Aesthetics as a student under the direction of noted make-up artist Erik Pai, more than twenty years ago. His passion for beauty and style brought him to photographer Stuart Young, where he developed his artistic skill into a talent that would come to serve both the aesthetic and the medical communities.

As he sought to discover what is considered beautiful and desirable, Dennis became fluent in understanding and creating beauty, as an artist and a stylist, from the view of a variety of cultures. Taking it one step further, Dennis began to work with several medical organizations supporting terminally ill patients, providing them with a bit of normalcy and hope.

Dennis worked with each patient to create a look that was natural-to improve the look of an obviously ill face. “This was a very rewarding time in my career,” says Dennis. “Having the ability to make a patient’s life a little more tolerable, when dealing with visually obvious illnesses, is extremely important.” This experience gave Dennis the impetus to seek training in an acute care setting. For the next few years, Dennis concentrated on gaining clinical knowledge and experience by working as a Registered Nurse in oncology in San Francisco. His goal was to augment his passion for aesthetics with clinical knowledge and experience.

In December of 2000, Dennis brought his repertoire to the Palm Springs area, where he worked for Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage. He spent three years in oncology, and after a few more years in cardiology and vascular service, he finally decided to combine his medical and aesthetic experience. As a result, Dennis has been providing quality medical aesthetic services in Rancho Mirage since 2003.

Dennis’s career has taken him on many paths, one of which is a respected instructor and trainer in the art of injectable aesthetics, laser aesthetics, and skin care. He is also currently a director of clinical training for a leading medical aesthetics device company where he works with research & development teams, marketing, and of course, clinical training.

In addition, Dennis continues to work with terminally and chronically ill patients, in a Rancho Mirage clinic that specializes in lipoatrophy repair (loss of fat tissue as a result of diabetes, or multiple sclerosis, for example).

I love the look of satisfaction I see on a patient’s face after the work has been completed. I work closely with my patients to ensure that the results we achieve are the results the patient is looking for. While I want them to feel comfortable in my abilities, I want them to know that I respect the patient’s perception of what is right for him or her. It’s my responsibility to guide my patients in a direction that they’re comfortable with-always listening, and educating on what’s safe and effective,” says Dennis.

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