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ONLY ON Breaking Down The PSUSD Layoffs

A total of 123 Palm Springs Unified school teachers will soon receive layoff notices. The district announced they’re $5 million short this year and they’ve got to make deep cuts.

The budget is so bad, the district is doing something they’ve never done. They’re laying off teachers in August.

The layoff notices sent out June 15th are preliminary, but there’s little that can solve the deficit in time to save many jobs. Teachers fear classroom size may climb to around 35 students per class.

Superintendent Lorri McCune says, “I think what students are going to see is some of the programs that we’ve put in place to really work in student achievement, such as the special tutoring programs, summer schools in the future may at risk. We’ve cut it significantly this year. Extra assistance that they’ve had in the classroom, larger class size, all of this will impact our students.”

The Palm Springs Teacher’s Association may negotiate furloughs to save the jobs of their fellow teachers.

When it comes down to it, they place some of the blame on voters who defeated Proposition 1B last month.

“Oh definitely,” says Association President Bev Bricker. “Our students are going to pay the price. Teachers are working harder and harder. We are still fulfilling everything from No Child Left Behind and we will continue to support our students. It is going to be more difficult. Teachers will probably be asking parents to step up to the plate.”

Teachers spend an average of $1,200 a year on pens, pencils, even kleenex for their students. Teachers facing pay cuts and furloughs are now asking parents to help buy school supplies in these tough times.

Gabriela Martinez and her high school sophomore son say they’ll answer the call to help.

“It hurts. It hurts a lot. Because nobody has the budget, especially in California. We are really tight, but yeah. I’m willing. More than glad to give out all they need.”

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